The choice to share my story in Who Will Hold Me? A Single Mother’s Memoir of Self-Love, Empowerment & Freedom was important because I want others who are going through the same experiences to know they are not the victim of their own story. 

One of the hardest parts of being a single mother was enduring the confusion, pain and struggle in the early days without the tools to move my own life forward, despite the circumstances. I felt alone and exhausted and like no one would ever understand what I was going through.

When I speak, I tell my own real stories and hold nothing back. Life is about the darkness and the light, the duality that exists when you’re laughing one moment and crying the next. I speak from the heart because I want others to give themselves permission to embrace everything that’s happening in their life.

The power of taking 100% responsibility, even when things get hard, has played a key role in my own transformation. My main message, one that I learned the hard way, is that you can choose your way out of the chaos and the drama. You have the power within yourself to overcome the hard times without struggling and create a life full of love and choice. It’s a message that I think we often forget when we’re in the middle of paying bills, and doing school drop offs, helping with homework, or doing yet another pile of laundry.

I aim to empower those looking for guidance, confidence, and the courage to do what it takes to move forward to a better future, whatever that may look like.


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